Promotion Plus Sign Co., Inc. specializes in brand imaging for the top oil companies in the United States. We manufacture a large variety of interior and exterior signage to fit your imaging needs. No project is too big or too small! We will manage your entire project from concept to completion, with services including Survey, Design Concept Rendering, Permit Acquisition, Liaison between brand and end user to maintain brand standards, procurement, and installation. At Promotion Plus Sign Co., Inc. we are "The Imaging Experts", let us help you get the look you want!


Our skilled survey team will come to your site to take detailed measurements and photos. We will examine your property and surroundings to help you identify the best location of your signs. A member of our sales team and meet you on site to establish scope of work specific to your location. We are dedicated to increasing your profits!


Promotion Plus Sign Co Inc can make it happen! we understand that creating and marketing new business is necessary to help you attract your client. With 25 years of experience we take pride in being “ The Imaging Experts”.  our company’s Design team incorporates all logos and brands to help us create the Right image for you. we can help turn your vision into a vibrant illuminated sign that truly expresses the essence of your identity. we are exterior Imaging Professionals of all types of Brands and are fully capable of the full range of steps in creating more image. our Custom Designs will make you stand out in a crowd.


Promotion plus signed code Inc has a well-trained permitting Department that specializes in working with local and National ordinances. manage all of your permitting needs.

Project Management

Our project management team's foremost focus is to ensure that the customers' needs are met. they work directly with the customer throughout the entire project. we are accustomed to working under tight deadlines and ensure that your project is done correctly the first time.


Our in-house staffI forgot is fully capable of manufacturing UL approved signage, inclusive of eliminated and non-illuminated signs, pulse signs, Monument signs, vacuum form signs, Channel letters, canopy images and large format, full color digital printing. our Machinery is Cutting Edge and processes are suited to manufacture all signs expeditiously and cost-effectively. examples are Channel letters, decals, banners and flags, canopies, constructed in materials such as wood, aluminum, phone, paper and all types of acrylic substances. additionally both eliminated in an illuminated signs, Monument signs, banner and flag signs,  con in aluminum AC additionally both illuminated and non-illuminated signs, pulse signs, Monument signs, vacuum formed signs, neon signs, and Custom vinyl. We also handle all types of scenarios requesting paint including hand lettering.


Promotion Plus signco Inc offers sign installation and canopy insulation locally and nationwide. trained and qualified technicians drive to your site to install your products using top the line equipment including cranes and bucket trucks. our installation services include:  cool science, Monument signed, high-rise signs, Channel letters, box signs, vinyl graphic dispenser details, window decals, canopy fascia (inclusive of customization),  and all elements to provide a complete brand image per brand standards.


 with 25 years of experience, our certified and well trained technicians will keep your signs and Lighting in excellent working condition. we offer service  and maintenance on a time and material basis. with competitive pricing in our own service department we can get your needs met quickly.

Brand Rollouts

Promotion Plus is a trusted partner of major brands across the United States. Our versatility and experience are proven by successful collaborations with corporate giants like ExxonMobil, Shell, P66/76, Marathon, Circle K, ARCO, and Chevron, as well as auto dealerships like Toyota and Dodge Chrysler. We work closely with brand management to ensure a seamless rollout and source materials only from approved manufacturers. When requested, we also manufacture custom products. Trust us to bring your brand image to life.