Promotion Plus Sign Co., Inc. specializes in brand imaging for the top oil companies in the United States. We manufacture a large variety of interior and exterior signage to fit your imaging needs. No project is too big or too small! We will manage your entire project from concept to completion, with services including Survey, Design Concept Rendering, Permit Acquisition, Liaison between brand and end user to maintain brand standards, procurement, and installation. At Promotion Plus Sign Co., Inc. we are "The Imaging Experts", let us help you get the look you want!


Efficient and accuracy are the name of the game for this team! Our skilled surveyors will visit your site to conduct detailed measurements and capture essential photographs. Our team will thoroughly examine your property and surroundings and establish a comprehensive scope of work tailored to your location.


Navigating the permit process can be time-consuming, let us streamline it for you. We've handled a wide array of projects, making it easy for us to identify your requirements for a smooth permit application. We engage directly with city halls, maintain consistent follow-ups, and keep you informed throughout the process, from requests to revisions to final approval. Your permit’s rapid approval matters to us just as much as it matters to your project.


In-house manufacturing saves time and money for your project's timeline and budget. Our Manufacturing Department is highly skilled in crafting UL-approved signage, including a wide range of illuminated and non-illuminated signs, channel letters, monument signs, canopy images, and large-format, full-color digital prints. With state-of-the-art machinery and efficient processes, we swiftly and cost-effectively create a wide range of signs, such as main ID signs banners, flags, and canopies, using materials like wood, aluminum, foam, paper, and acrylic. From illuminated and non-illuminated signs to neon and custom vinyl creations, we have mastered various mediums meaning you get the best of both worlds, quality signage that is cost effective.


Leveraging our 25 years of experience, our skilled and certified technicians are committed to maintaining your light fixtures and signs in peak condition. Our comprehensive service and maintenance options are available on a time-and-material basis. Operating within our dedicated service department, we ensure swift solutions.

Moreover, Promotion Plus Sign Co., Inc. doesn't just provide routine upkeep. We're also your trusted partner for emergency repairs, stepping in for urgent situations like fallen fascia or damaged structures. We safeguard your brand's image and functionality, ensuring you are ready to keep money flowing in.


At Promotion Plus, we make your vision a reality, because we understand the importance of first, second, and third impressions. Brand recognition is everything in a world full of options. Our talented design team combines your brand elements, which include logos, colors, fonts, icons and graphics, to craft a captivating image that truly reflects your identity. And, if you do not have those yet, we will help you establish them. We specialize in creating unique and eye-catching designs that make you stand out from the crowd. Trust our expertise to bring your brand to life with our custom designs that command attention and drive sales.

Project Management

Our Project Management Department is dedicated to meeting your project's unique requirements. Our approach involves assigning a project manager and their skilled team to oversee each undertaking. When you reach out to us, you're directly engaging with a specialized segment of our department, avoiding impersonal responses and lengthy calls being passed from person to person in different departments. Your project manager collaborates with our procurement, survey, and installation teams, ensuring streamlined material ordering and scheduling coordination. Throughout the project, our focus on open communication and efficient scheduling underscores our commitment to your project's success.


Our valuable installation team is an essential part of our comprehensive services. From local to nationwide, our skilled installers handle sign, canopy, and decal installations. Equipped with cranes and bucket trucks, they ensure smooth installations for channel letters, high-rise signs, monument signs, box signs, vinyl graphics, window decals, and canopy fascia work. Our capabilities extend beyond signs to encompass electrical, cement work, power-washing, and painting – offering a complete solution and effortless choice.

Brand Rollouts

Embracing our role as a trusted partner, we offer a hands-free, wholly-self-managed service for national brands. Our adaptability and extensive experience shine through partnerships with industry giants such as ExxonMobil, Shell, P66/76, Marathon, Circle K, ARCO, and Chevron. Working closely with brand management, we orchestrate a seamless brand rollout, meticulously sourcing materials exclusively from approved manufacturers. Rely on us to protect and elevate your brand's identity.